Center Director Dr. Maciej Kumosa, John Evans Professor of the University of Denver

Dr. Maciej Kumosa is the Center Director for the HVT Center and John Evans Professor at University of Denver. He worked six years (1985-1990) at the University of Cambridge in England. Between 1990 and 1997 he was a Professor of Materials Science and Electrical Engineering at the Oregon Graduate Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Kumosa’s research includes experimental and numerical failure analyses of advanced composite systems for electrical and aerospace applications. He has performed sponsored research for a variety of private and federal funding agencies in the US including NSF, AFOSR, NASA, EPRI, GE Aircraft Engines, BPA, WAPA, APC, PGE, LM, Tri-State, and several others.

Dr. Kumosa has completed more than 250 major scientific documents including 120 papers in composites, materials science, applied physics, applied mechanics, general science and IEEE international journals, 70 papers in int magazines and conference proceedings, and more than 60 national research reports. He also graduated 19 PhD and 19 MS students. Dr. Kumosa is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Composites Science and Technology, which is the number one journal in composite materials internationally.

Personal interests: Gardening, Bicycling, Mountain living in Cuchara, Investment, Piano, Fly Fishing, World History and Politics, and several others

Please examine Dr. Kumosa’s Major Research Accomplishments and his Full CV listed below:

M. Kumosa’s Academic and Research Accomplishments[PDF]

M. Kumosa’s Curriculum Vitae [PDF]